Embracing Loss: A Path to Letting Go and Moving Forward

https://youtube.com/live/7Z4E0upNFrY   Many people struggle to let go of relationships that, in reality, are not working or have already ended. Perhaps you've gone through a breakup or divorce, and you're finding it difficult to release your attachment to someone who has conveyed that they are no longer interested in continuing the relationship. You may be wondering, "How do I let [...]

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The Pathway to Mending a Broken Heart

People would often show up in my classes when they were in the midst of a devastating breakup or divorce. Others were struggling with patterns of abandonment and unrequited love. Many of these individuals were deeply wounded, and I could see that they weren’t healing on their own. Those who worked with me individually were able to heal the deep [...]

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Love Lost: Understanding the Connection Between Heartbreak and Suicide

In any relationship, the emotional bond and level of attachment between individuals can vary greatly. Sometimes, people enter relationships casually, without deep emotional involvement. In such cases, when the relationship ends, it might not cause significant distress. This can be especially true if there were elements in the relationship that were stressful or uncomfortable. For instance, if the partner caused [...]

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Myths and Misunderstandings That Can Prevent You from Truly Healing After a Breakup

Breakups can be times of intense emotional vulnerability. That person we loved and were loved by had been so much a part of our lives. Now we hardly ever see them. And when we do, it evokes all kinds of uncomfortable feelings. Or maybe they’ve dropped out of our lives completely. We struggle to make sense of our losses and [...]

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Transforming Your Heartache

Relationships have an amazing way of putting us in touch with our deepest vulnerabilities. We are continually changing and so are our partners. And that means our relationship are always changing. We fall in love with one another and maybe we thought we had found true love and that it would last forever. In most instances, we’re going to fall [...]

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