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The Five Dimensions of Healing

There are five primary dimensions of the healing process. These five dimensions incorporate the cognitive, emotional, physical, transformational along with the actionable steps we take to better ourselves and our lives. These dimensions are not mutually exclusive in that they all overlap. The emotional dimension of healing includes aspects of our cognitive process. We have to become more fully present [...]

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When Am I Done Healing?

Baer is well educated and has done well in his professional life, and yet he has always struggled in his relationships. He had been strung out on a woman that had recently broken up with him at the time he showed up in one of my classes. He has a long history of abusive relationships. His first girlfriend tormented him [...]

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Is Our Use of Smartphones and the Internet Preventing Us from Healing and Stunting Our Personal Growth?

The world was a very different place in the mid-nineties when I started traveling from New Mexico to work in Boston and New York City. The Internet was in the early stages of development and cell phones had only recently become available to the general public. I was making four trips a year and spending a little over two months [...]

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Why Isn’t the Law of Attraction Working For Me?

The Law of Attraction has gained popularity in recent years and yet it is nothing new. Various Christian and esoteric traditions have been practicing some versions of this philosophy for thousands of years. Simon, the minister at the church I went to as an adolescent was very charismatic. He manifested a large congregation and sanctuary to hold services in along [...]

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Learning to Feel Comfortable in Our Social Interactions

A young Korean man showed up in one of my classes not too long ago. Hwan shared with us during the introduction that he was having great difficulty expressing himself and was not able to convey his feelings for a woman that he found himself attracted to. I had Hwan bring the woman to the forefront of his awareness by [...]

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