“Years ago, I was introduced to Ben when I really didn't see a future for myself. Before my first session, my body began to purge itself of poison that was stored from old emotional and spiritual wounds. I worked with Ben consistently and then off and on over the years. He helped me understand and get to a place where I could rebuild my foundation to have a new perspective and experience of healthfully and naturally dealing with any stressful aspects of life. I highly recommend seeing Ben if you think you deserve better in your life. Healing is where it starts. Thank you, Ben.”

Laura A
New Jersey

“Working with Ben opened my eyes further into the dissociation I was suffering. By sharing his experience and understanding of how it works, to helping me navigate my deep set energy patterns, Ben has been instrumental in helping me be more involved in the story of my life. I met him while I was still a Master’s student in the US, away from home in India, and I really needed a helping hand. Ben’s kindness and willingness to help anyone who is sincere to do the work is the sign of a good teacher with a pure heart. I continue to work with Ben to further my abilities to engage and associate with the world around me. I would strongly recommend working with Ben to help you recover, navigate and excel in your life’s spiritual, mental and physical journeys”


For years, I had been in therapy, having suffered emotional, physical and sexual abuse as a child. It wasn't until that first session with Ben that I began to recover the memories. I could feel myself going through the different stages of childhood, crying it out. Healing the traumas has made it possible for me to let go and move on in my life. I feel so much happier now.”

Merri M
Kansas City, Missouri

“Ben's healing work has drawn me forward out of a deeply depressive and debilitating mindset about life. The breathing practice coupled with Ben's support has expanded my awareness to whole new bandwidths of feeling, subtle energies, and the actual stagnation that was holding me back from real growth. His patience, encouragement, and persistent presence in my life have truly shaped how I've grown into a better version of myself, on an inner spiritual level as well as in the external world. I am infinitely grateful to have the opportunity to work with a healer of such great magnitude.”

Tesla Knott

“I was seriously injured when I fell while working with a construction crew on our new home. The construction workers had to carry me up the stairs and put me in bed because I was initially unable to move. I continued to experience a great deal of pain afterwards and still had difficulty walking. So I asked Ben to help

I experienced strong burning sensations wherever Ben placed his hands. As each area that Ben worked healed, the pain left my body. I felt so much better and I was able to do what I needed to do afterwards ”

R. T. M. Mahingoda
Hokandara, Sri Lanka

“I have a history of knee trouble dating back to cross country and marathon running with occasional flare-ups that hinder my ability to walk. Last summer I was in tremendous pain. When Ben worked on my leg, I thought I was going to leap off the table -the energy was so intense. The next morning, I woke up and all traces of the difficulty with my knee had vanished. Eight months later, I am able to walk and run comfortably and my knee functions perfectly.”

Boston, MA

“There's no question about it. The sessions gave me a greater depth of emotional and mental energy to go out and start the first wind power company in the state of Kansas and to pursue my dream of renewable energy.

The ability to listen to and become your true self is only possible when you have peeled away a lot of the crap that builds up as we go thorough the crap. Not just the armor, but the crap that has built op over the years that was masking who I truly was as a human being. As more of that stuff started to fall away over time, I had deeper access to the levels of resiliency I needed to access the resilience I needed to get through the many challenges I've had to overcome. 

There are always going to be challenges and setbacks when you're forging ahead to create something new. Visionaries and other change makers have to gain access to their inner reserves and have the resilience to persevere through the setbacks and other challenges that come up along the way. Having access to the vast inner reserves gave me what I needed to put into creating my vision of renewable energy along with the strength and focus to get through the difficult times and stay focused.

Troy Helming
San Francisco, CA / Modern-Day Industrialist in Clean Energy

“I met Ben in May 2003. I was feeling very tired, disconnected, stomach aches, dizzy, a whole load of symptoms. He came over to my house and did the MOST AMAZING healing work I have ever experienced. He works on so many levels I don’t know how to describe it. It is mental, physical, spiritual, psychological. It goes into your cells and DNA makeup to shift out the yucky stuff that drives you and let the true life force come in. It affects me and the environment and people around me so I can be who I really am. Everything shifts into a new way of being and all the old stuff flows out, even if it’s uncomfortable for a few days. Your whole world shows up different and all the other riffraff falls out. It is ongoing process that I will definitely stick with!!!!

J. Frank
New York, Feng Shui Consultant

Prior to working with Ben, I was too floaty, and my relationships reflected that. My dating life had a very superficial quality, and the fleeting encounters were reflecting my own internal state of ungroundedness.

I’m now more grounded and in tune with myself and what I’m looking for. And that's the energy I'm putting out and attracting. I’m currently in the best relationship I’ve ever been in.
For the first time, I'm not avoiding uncomfortable issues. I'm able to communicate and conversation flows naturally.
I now have the receptivity and openness for a deeper committed relationship. The work we've done has also given me the ability to recognize someone special and the strength to be fully present and sustain a deeply intimate and loving connection.

New York City

When I first met Ben, I was struggling after coming out of a marriage of twenty-two years. Our interaction provided a much-needed healing and revitalization of my inner self. I could feel myself digesting decades of emotional pain. Old karmic habit patterns were being dismantled. A better me was forming on the inside. I gained tremendous clarity and developed the strength to embrace new opportunities with a sense of optimism and adventure.
What I got out of working with Ben is the opportunity to cultivate new relationships. I reconnected with my dream of finding someone to share a happy life with. That gave me the confidence to move on and put myself out there with an open mind and heart. I found a wonderful companion with whom I’m very much in love with and connected to.

Boston, MA

“Ben helped me get my life back. When we first met I was a confused, angry and broken person and my body reflected all of this pain. I was also very determined to heal. Session by session, Ben gently and patiently guided me through the process of opening up to the pain, releasing it and replacing it with what was important to me. I began to feel less fragmented, more whole; living less in the past and more in the present. Ben’s medicine is strong; it is a process that requires commitment and taking responsibility for yourself. That is true healing.”


“I was experiencing a lot of pain in my neck, upper back and shoulders. I asked Ben if he could help me with the pain, and I could feel all the pain being pulled out of my body as he worked with me.”

Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I had a very difficult childhood and before meeting Ben I often felt that I was looking at the world through a window, or that it was only a dream. I also had a low tolerance for stressful situations and would be completely worn out after a tough day. After two sessions with Ben I noticed that I no longer had the feeling of being separate from the world around me and I cope with stress and conflict much more easily now.”

Kansas City

“I have suffered from GERD or Acid Reflux Disease for many years; the first 10 years or so were undiagnosed even by many doctors and healers who should have recognized this common condition. Before and after diagnosis I tried multiple methods to alleviate the extremely painful symptoms, I hoped even to cure it. The different healing methods that I tried included homeopathy, herbs, Ayurveda, body work, energy healing, Allopathic medication and I even drastically changed my diet. It was not until I met Ben Oofana that my condition began to improve dramatically. I am still on the road to absolute recovery and look forward to that with the support of Ben’s amazing healing abilities. Thank you Ben.”

New York, NY

“In 1991, I was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis, a chronic “incurable” bone marrow condition. In 1992, the diagnosis was changed to Lymphoproliferative Disorder, a malignancy in the bone marrow. During a consultation at the University of California in San Francisco in 1992, the doctor predicted that I had 5 to 8 years to live. I refused chemotherapy and instead relied on natural and alternative healing methods. My condition caused me to develop severe anemia and I required frequent blood transfusions, sometimes as often as every two months. At the present time, my energy, strength and stamina have improved dramatically. I have not had a blood transfusion for seven months, and I am still going strong. This is a surprising turn of events and I believe Ben’s healing sessions have made a significant contribution to this dramatic change.

I would highly recommend Ben to any individual seeking healing or personal growth. He has made an incredible contribution to my own healing journey.”

Lenexa, KS

“Ben continues to explore many avenues of healing through research and ongoing training to further augment his knowledge and skill. He has an amazing ability to observe the changes taking place in an individual’s physical and subtle bodies and report on their progress. After Ben’s healing sessions, I often experience a variety of dramatic visual images and physical sensations. Ben offers practical suggestions, resources and exercises that further the healing process by giving clients practical tools that they can continue to work with. He teaches simple and powerful meditation practices which help to “digest” one’s life experiences and emotional responses. These exercises have produced dramatic results for me, including the release of past traumas that I had long held within my body.”


“Five years ago when I first began to work with Ben, I was experiencing a great deal of emotional chaos in my life. I was suffering from depression resulting from two traumatic losses, the sudden tragic death of my parents years earlier and the ending of my 21 year marriage. When I entered the dating world in such a state, my emotions translated into anxiety and obsessiveness in regard to relationships I was developing.

In our work together, Ben’s very gentle, calming and noninvasive approach set the tone from the onset. Since working with Ben, I feel much healthier. I have come to a place in myself where I’m experiencing a greater sense of inner peace, self-love and acceptance. That has allowed me to let go and to be more patient. The healing that has taken place has reaffirmed my sense of hope.”

New York

“When I was skiing in sub-zero temperatures in Winter Park, CO, I developed frostbite on my big toe. The Doctor in the Emergency room put needles into the end of my toe when I wasn’t looking, and I felt nothing. The Doctor told me that I would not regain any feeling in my toe for at least two months at the earliest. Upon returning home from this trip only 4 days later, Ben Oofana worked with me. After the healing session, I was amazed to have completely regained all feeling in my toe. This may seem small, as it is just a toe after all; however, if Ben can heal my toe so quickly, I can only imagine that the regular healing sessions he provides me greatly contribute to my being very healthy, with little sickness occurring in my life.”

A. Carlson

“I have struggled with a chronic sleep disorder for nearly two years, (sleeping anywhere from 10 minutes to 5 hours a night… having trouble getting to sleep, and staying asleep, waking every hour or so). I had the pleasure of meeting Ben at the Neuro Semantics trainings in Colorado this summer, and he was king enough to work with me to change my sleep patterns. We were able to heal past trauma and the emotions attached to them and restore a sense of balance to my system. Since then, I have been able to sleep for at least 5 hours each night, and I wake up in the morning feeling better than ever before!”