Games of the Heart   Play is an essential part of our human nature and has, in many instances throughout history, taken the form of games. Games have a way of bringing us together while simultaneously giving us the opportunity to find more enjoyment in our interactions with one another. The game of chess was actually developed in India in the 6th century [...]

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Activating Your Body and Mind’s Innate Healing Intelligence

New York City was just going into lockdown in March of 2020, as I was returning from Sri Lanka. I saw a few of the people who had already scheduled appointments in advance of my return, packed up my belongings and the headed to the Wichita Mountains to go on a vision quest, a traditional Native American healing practice that [...]

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Expanding Pleasurable Feelings and Sensations

People sometimes ask me if they can use the meditative practices I’m teaching to work with pleasurable feelings and bodily sensations? Yes, you definitely can, and I encourage you to do so whenever the opportunity presents itself. You may at times sit or lie down, while closing your eyes as you do these practices. At other you will find yourself [...]

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What Happens When We Attempt to Medicate Our Pain Away

Evan had been going through an extraordinarily difficult time with Layla. He wanted so much to be in a committed relationship and was pouring his heart and soul out to her. They would get together at times, but Layla was not willing to see Evan exclusively. Knowing that she was seeing other men was causing Evan enormous amounts of pain. [...]

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Internal Martial Arts and the Healing of Trauma

Mugging attempts are fairly common in New York City. I was cat sitting for some friends on Avenue A in Manhattan’s East Village in the fall of 2002 when someone attempted to rob me as I was walking along 7th Street. I immediately whipped out pepper spray and chased the attacker down the street. Next thing I knew the police [...]

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