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Why Does Love Come So Easily to Some and Not to Others?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCSP5Zjt4yQ   Many of us have known someone for whom love seemed to come naturally. Although they faced challenges along the way, it appeared as if they effortlessly fell into relationships. In contrast, some of us struggle to find any kind of meaningful connection, going years without a companion. Having struggled in this area of my own life at times, [...]

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Navigating Relational Boundaries and Ambiguities

    In the intricate dance of human relationships, we often find ourselves on the precipice of uncertainty, teetering between the realms of friendship and romance. The journey from friendship to romance is fraught with uncertainties, and the path is rarely linear. Understanding and interpreting another person's feelings, especially when they remain unspoken, can be quite challenging. This article delves [...]

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The Pathway to Mending a Broken Heart

People would often show up in my classes when they were in the midst of a devastating breakup or divorce. Others were struggling with patterns of abandonment and unrequited love. Many of these individuals were deeply wounded, and I could see that they weren’t healing on their own. Those who worked with me individually were able to heal the deep [...]

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Wanting To Be More Than Friends

When we’re getting to know one another, it’s normal for one person to develop stronger feelings for the other. Or one individual may develop feelings of physical attraction or romantic interest, that are not shared by the other. It can be confusing when you're spending a lot of time with someone and enjoying each other's company, and you're feeling uncertain [...]

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Unrequited Love: How to Heal, Let Go and Move On

On Valentine's Day of this year, the Washington Post featured a story about retired U.S. Marine Esteban Perez, who has spent every Valentine's Day standing on a street corner in Nuevo Laredo, hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman he loves, Cecilia. Perez and Cecilia first met in 1996 at a nightclub in Nuevo Laredo, and they dated for [...]

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