Questions and Answers

Q. Why do you address the issues and emotional components of an individual’s life when you are working with someone suffering from a physical ailment or disease?

A. Physical pathology can be the manifestation of emotions and unresolved issues. One of the most obvious examples is the way our body tenses up when we are under a lot of stress. To open up the emotional wounds and begin to process through and resolve these issues enables the physical body to become more receptive and responsive to the process of healing.

Our bodies will often become much more vital and resilient as we resolve the various emotions and issues that are affecting us.


Q. What lead you to incorporate hypnosis in your practice?

A. During the beginning years of my practice, many individuals came to me who were struggling with issues stemming from the physical or sexual abuse that took place in their formative years and because of that, I began to do extensive study in the area of emotionally traumatic disorders. I learned a great deal, but having an intellectual understanding did not facilitate the level of change within the individual that I was seeking. Utilizing the methods I’ve developed through my study of hypnosis has made it much easier for me to access the underlying emotional wounds. It has enabled me to establish a dialog with the parts of the mind that contain the memories and emotions from painful or traumatic experiences. I’ve learned how to guide the subconscious mind to diffuse the intensity of emotions related to these incidents. Softening the emotional component takes the sting and torment out of these experiences. My use of hypnosis also allows me to initiate generative processes within the mind that enable the client to come to a place of resolution so they can move on in their lives. In addition, they will develop or gain access to a greater range of resources. Because of this, many of the people I’ve worked with report that they feel much more powerful and capable of handling what is happening in their lives.


Q. How do these various beings assist you in the healing process?

A. Traditional healers within various indigenous cultures would utilize the assistance of various beings in “healing” a wide range of conditions and disorders. They also work to facilitate healing on an emotional level. Many indigenous cultures tapped into powers that had more of a connection to the earth. There are a multitude of beings, each one having it’s own area of specialization. These beings help to regenerate damaged and diseased tissues.


Q. What is the process you go through to work with these beings?

A. Initially I was given access to these powers through the training I received from my mentor. These healing gifts are passed on through ritual practice in the form of a transmission. I have continued to grow stronger through the course of ongoing training involving these ritual practices. I have primarily relied on the “vision quests”, a process in which I go out alone into the mountains for four days and nights with out food or water. During this time, various beings come to me and entrust me with gifts of healing to assist other people.


Q. Are there any side effects from this work?

A. There are no negative side effects. The body may go through brief periods of cleansing in which the accumulated toxins are released through the process of elimination. The various issues that have impacted one’s life along with the accompanying emotions, underlying belief structures will often surface in order that they may be resolved.

Our bodies become toxic from a variety of environmental pollutants, and poor diet. In addition, the emotions we suppress backs up in our bodies. This has a very numbing or deadening affect, causing our organs and systems to become bogged down. As a result, their functioning becomes greatly impaired. This further increases the levels of toxicity in our bodies.

Through the course of the sessions, the cells, tissues organs and systems begin to function at higher levels. In other words, they are now able to operate at optimal levels according to their biological design. Clients generally experience an increase in stamina as their health improves.

Simultaneously clients are assisted to thoroughly digest the various issues and accompanying emotions they’ve held within.

Clients often report that their sensory awareness becomes heightened. They commonly experience a greater mental clarity, as their minds become more resilient. There is a greater awareness of the body, emotions, and the various parts of the self, which then leads one to experience a greater sense of cohesive integration. This allows us to become more present in our bodies and to truly engage in life.