A Change of Scenery   For years, I lived and worked in New York City, offering weekly classes and individual sessions. Every other week, I commuted to Boston, where I also offered classes and sessions. All that changed when we went into lockdown during the Covid pandemic. Even though we're no longer in lockdown, it has become much harder to get people to show [...]

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Quieting the Mind – Stilling the Body   This article is really about digesting our lived experiences, emotional responses, and reconnecting to our authentic core, but that's kind of long for a title. The vast majority of people have never learned to work effectively with their emotions. As a result, they’re not thoroughly processing their lived experiences or their subsequent cognitive and emotional responses. Most people do not engage in [...]

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Acknowledge, Validate, Digest and Move Forward The other day, I had an unsettling conversation with a long-time business mentor. I will, at times, use my personal experience as an example for the benefit of others. As you read this article, I encourage you to reflect on how the example I'm sharing applies to your own life. If you happen to be a content creator, influencer [...]

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Cutting Through the Inertia   Martha is currently in a situation where she urgently needs to find employment and yet is experiencing a lot of inertia, accompanied by feelings of fear and internal resistance. During our session the other day, I had Martha sit with her eyes closed, while holding her current circumstances in the forefront of her awareness. I then had her bring [...]

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Cultivating Resilience: Harnessing The Transformative Power of Your Emotions

Being able to work constructively with our emotions is an essential aspect of maintaining a sense of well-being, given that they significantly impact our mental, physical, and spiritual health. The challenge lies in the fact that most people do not possess the understanding or resources that would enable them to effectively manage their emotions. Our lack of emotional intelligence often [...]

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