Developing an Attractive Presence: Transforming Yourself to Connect Deeply with Others Many of us have internalized the traumas and other deeply wounding experiences of our childhood and adolescence, which can have a disastrous impact on our relationships. The emotional wounding from the traumas of my childhood and adolescence, along with the dysfunctional relational dynamics in my family of origin, played a big part in my forming unhealthy attachments to women who [...]

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Fuel For Growth: Transforming Stress and Emotion Held Within the Body   Most of us have never learned to work constructively with our emotions, primarily because we were never taught how. As a result, we tend to internalize the stresses of daily life, along with our emotional reactions to difficult, upsetting, or anxiety-provoking events and interactions. This often leads us to contract around unpleasant emotions and stress, resulting in a narrowing of [...]

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Understanding Dissociation and Its Far-Reaching Impact

  Dissociation is a common phenomenon that exists along a continuum from normal everyday experiences such as that of daydreaming to disorders that interfere with our ability to function in everyday life. This range of experiences is exemplified in several common situations that many of us encounter. For instance, most of us have had the experience of getting so lost in [...]

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A Different Kind of Learning: The Deep Work of Healing and Transformation   This article is part of the thought-provoking series titled 'Why Most People Don't Heal ...and How You Can Be One of the Exceptional Few Who Do.' In this series, we'll explore the barriers that prevent so many from healing and reveal the pathways that can lead you to become one of the exceptional few who successfully navigate these [...]

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Breaking Up and Bouncing Back: Unconventional Strategies for Rapid Healing In my mid-twenties, I found myself reenacting the traumas of my childhood and adolescence in my romantic attachments and intimate relationships. Matters were further compounded by the fact that I was struggling with an insecure or anxious attachment style. Breakups were especially devastating, and I found myself reenacting patterns of abandonment and unrequited love. This struggle was further exacerbated [...]

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