Activating Your Body and Mind’s Innate Healing Intelligence

New York City was just going into lockdown in March of 2020, as I was returning from Sri Lanka. I saw a few of the people who had already scheduled appointments in advance of my return, packed up my belongings and the headed to the Wichita Mountains to go on a vision quest, a traditional Native American healing practice that [...]

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Show Up, Pay Attention, and Participate: Walking the Path of Presence, Power and Compassion

One only needs to look around, or even in the mirror, to see that people often aren't all that present. Issues requiring our attention are often overlooked or outright avoided. When unsure of how to handle our emotions, we are more likely to suppress our feelings. We spend enormous amounts of time escaping into social media, television, gaming, drugs, religion, [...]

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Cultivating Resilience: Harnessing The Transformative Power of Your Emotions

Being able to work constructively with our emotions is an essential aspect of maintaining a sense of well-being, given that they significantly impact our mental, physical, and spiritual health. The challenge lies in the fact that most people do not possess the understanding or resources that would enable them to effectively manage their emotions. Our lack of emotional intelligence often [...]

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Wanting To Be More Than Friends

When we’re getting to know one another, it’s normal for one person to develop stronger feelings for the other. Or one individual may develop feelings of physical attraction or romantic interest, that are not shared by the other. It can be confusing when you're spending a lot of time with someone and enjoying each other's company, and you're feeling uncertain [...]

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Expanding Pleasurable Feelings and Sensations

People sometimes ask me if they can use the meditative practices I’m teaching to work with pleasurable feelings and bodily sensations? Yes, you definitely can, and I encourage you to do so whenever the opportunity presents itself. You may at times sit or lie down, while closing your eyes as you do these practices. At other you will find yourself [...]

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