Developing an Attractive Presence: Transforming Yourself to Connect Deeply with Others Many of us have internalized the traumas and other deeply wounding experiences of our childhood and adolescence, which can have a disastrous impact on our relationships. The emotional wounding from the traumas of my childhood and adolescence, along with the dysfunctional relational dynamics in my family of origin, played a big part in my forming unhealthy attachments to women who [...]

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A Change of Scenery   For years, I lived and worked in New York City, offering weekly classes and individual sessions. Every other week, I commuted to Boston, where I also offered classes and sessions. All that changed when we went into lockdown during the Covid pandemic. Even though we're no longer in lockdown, it has become much harder to get people to show [...]

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Quieting the Mind – Stilling the Body   This article is really about digesting our lived experiences, emotional responses, and reconnecting to our authentic core, but that's kind of long for a title. The vast majority of people have never learned to work effectively with their emotions. As a result, they’re not thoroughly processing their lived experiences or their subsequent cognitive and emotional responses. Most people do not engage in [...]

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When Our Relationships Become a Series of Painful Reenactments In the context of relationships, reenactment refers to the repetition of past experiences, particularly unresolved trauma and the relational dynamics of our family of origin, within our current relationships. We often find ourselves reliving the same emotions, conflicts, and relational dynamics that we experienced in the past. This is an attempt by our subconscious to bring these issues to resolution, [...]

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Why So Many High-Functioning Professionals’ Relationships Are So Disastrous     Since childhood, I've always had a tendency to watch people, driven largely by curiosity and a desire to understand them better. I strive to gain a deeper understanding of the people I work with so I can be of greater service. I also observe domestic and international leaders, entertainers, and others who have made a significant impact [...]

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