Why So Many High-Functioning Professionals’ Relationships Are So Disastrous

https://youtu.be/OAYgkBEsCLM     Since childhood, I've always had a tendency to watch people, driven largely by curiosity and a desire to understand them better. I strive to gain a deeper understanding of the people I work with so I can be of greater service. I also observe domestic and international leaders, entertainers, and others who have made a significant impact [...]

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Breaking Up and Bouncing Back: Unconventional Strategies for Rapid Healing

https://youtube.com/live/DxsVk4P5sy0 In my mid-twenties, I found myself reenacting the traumas of my childhood and adolescence in my romantic attachments and intimate relationships. Matters were further compounded by the fact that I was struggling with an insecure or anxious attachment style. Breakups were especially devastating, and I found myself reenacting patterns of abandonment and unrequited love. This struggle was further exacerbated [...]

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The Pathway to Mending a Broken Heart

People would often show up in my classes when they were in the midst of a devastating breakup or divorce. Others were struggling with patterns of abandonment and unrequited love. Many of these individuals were deeply wounded, and I could see that they weren’t healing on their own. Those who worked with me individually were able to heal the deep [...]

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Unrequited Love: How to Heal, Let Go and Move On

On Valentine's Day of this year, the Washington Post featured a story about retired U.S. Marine Esteban Perez, who has spent every Valentine's Day standing on a street corner in Nuevo Laredo, hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman he loves, Cecilia. Perez and Cecilia first met in 1996 at a nightclub in Nuevo Laredo, and they dated for [...]

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The Biochemistry of Love, Lust, Attachment and Loss

Our experience of love and loss is multifaceted and influenced by various components that shape our emotions and behaviors. Understanding the complex interplay of these factors can help us to gain insight into our emotional experiences, recognize patterns in our relationships, and work towards personal growth and healing. As social beings, we have an innate drive to form attachments and [...]

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