Why Does Love Come So Easily to Some and Not to Others?   Many of us have known someone for whom love seemed to come naturally. Although they faced challenges along the way, it appeared as if they effortlessly fell into relationships. In contrast, some of us struggle to find any kind of meaningful connection, going years without a companion. Having struggled in this area of my own life at times, [...]

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Games of the Heart   Play is an essential part of our human nature and has, in many instances throughout history, taken the form of games. Games have a way of bringing us together while simultaneously giving us the opportunity to find more enjoyment in our interactions with one another. The game of chess was actually developed in India in the 6th century [...]

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Wanting To Be More Than Friends

When we’re getting to know one another, it’s normal for one person to develop stronger feelings for the other. Or one individual may develop feelings of physical attraction or romantic interest, that are not shared by the other. It can be confusing when you're spending a lot of time with someone and enjoying each other's company, and you're feeling uncertain [...]

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Learning to Feel Comfortable in Our Social Interactions

A young Korean man showed up in one of my classes not too long ago. Hwan shared with us during the introduction that he was having great difficulty expressing himself and was not able to convey his feelings for a woman that he found himself attracted to. I had Hwan bring the woman to the forefront of his awareness by [...]

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The Disappearing Act

The disappearing act is something that has been around for as long as we have existed as a human race. We often hear of about parents disappearing in the personal accounts of those who were abandoned by their mother or father as children. The tendency to disappear has seemingly become more common among people in our present day and age. [...]

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