Are You Addicted to Emotionally Unavailable Partners that Abuse and Abandon You?

Those of us who suffer from abandonment wounds are operating with a tremendous disadvantage. Many of us have never developed the capacity to differentiate between love and our feelings of longing and emotional hunger. In fact, the only time we seem to be able to experience those intense feelings of being in love with another individual is when we’re longing [...]

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Transforming Your Heartache

Relationships have an amazing way of putting us in touch with our deepest vulnerabilities. We are continually changing and so are our partners. And that means our relationship are always changing. We fall in love with one another and maybe we thought we had found true love and that it would last forever. In most instances, we’re going to fall [...]

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An Open Letter to Men and Women Who Ghost

Ghosting is the process of ending a romantic relationship by cutting off, blocking, or ignoring your former partner’s attempts to contact you. Ghosting can also happen with a friend or business associate. By ghosting someone, you’re ending a relationship without acknowledging, explaining or informing your partner of your intentions. To ghost a person is to completely abandon them. And when [...]

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Ghosting: The Incredibly Heartless and Emotionally Immature Way to End a Relationship

Life can be quite lonely at times. We may have our family, lots of acquaintances and a few close friends. We’re often separated by great distances from the people we care about. And some of us don’t feel especially close to anyone. We long for meaningful connections and to find someone with whom we share something special that we can [...]

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