Barriers to Love and How to Clear Them   Many of us, driven by a genuine desire for connection, find ourselves navigating a path that seems to lead away from that special someone. It's as if barriers, both self-imposed and societal, subtly intervene, distancing us from the deep connection we seek. Some of these barriers can be traced back to early experiences, shaping our capacity to love [...]

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Are You Addicted to Emotionally Unavailable Partners that Abuse and Abandon You?

Those of us who suffer from abandonment wounds are operating with a tremendous disadvantage. Many of us have never developed the capacity to differentiate between love and our feelings of longing and emotional hunger. In fact, the only time we seem to be able to experience those intense feelings of being in love with another individual is when we’re longing [...]

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What Happens When We Attempt to Medicate Our Pain Away

Evan had been going through an extraordinarily difficult time with Layla. He wanted so much to be in a committed relationship and was pouring his heart and soul out to her. They would get together at times, but Layla was not willing to see Evan exclusively. Knowing that she was seeing other men was causing Evan enormous amounts of pain. [...]

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Collective Unconsciousness

Collective conscious or collective conscience is a term introduced by French sociologist Emile Durkheim that refers to the set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. There are many overlapping fields of collective conscious. Every family has its own collective conscious. So do cities, states and nations, ethnic, cultural, religious and political [...]

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