The Five Dimensions of Healing

The Five Dimensions of Healing

There are five primary dimensions of the healing process. These five dimensions incorporate the cognitive, emotional, physical, transformational along with the actionable steps we take to better ourselves and our lives. These dimensions are not mutually exclusive in that they all overlap. The emotional dimension of healing includes aspects of our cognitive process. We have to become more fully present within our bodies for healing to take place. The transformational dimension involves many aspects of our cognitive and emotional processes and our physical bodies. Any healing or transformation that takes place needs to be followed up with constructive action.

The cognitive  

We’re facilitating the cognitive or intellectual aspects of healing whenever we read books or literature, listen to pod casts and lectures or watch video content that addresses our emotional wounding, physical health and other relevant issues concerning us. It is also addressed whenever we attend support groups or work with a psychotherapist. We may gain an intellectual understanding of our dysfunction and the suffering we experience in our lives. And yet we can still be very much locked into the same limiting dysfunctional holding patterns if that’s all we do.

I have met and interacted with many people who continued to suffer terribly from the wounding of past childhood traumas. Some were struggling with addictions and other forms of self-destructive behavior. Others were being emotionally and physically abused by their partners or suffering as a result of other forms of dysfunction playing out in their relationships.

Many of these individuals read extensively, attended numerous lectures and have worked with a psychotherapist for years. They had in many instances gained an intellectual understanding of their dysfunction and yet they were still very much locked into the holding patterns that perpetuated their suffering.

The cognitive dimension is only the beginning stage of the healing process. People who are very much stuck in their heads rarely, if ever, go beyond the cognitive dimension of healing. And that’s why they never truly heal.

The emotional

We step into the emotional dimension of healing as we learn to access and process our own emotional responses to the issues and concerns that are relevant to us. Any form of therapy or practice that encourages the release and processing of emotions such as deep tissue body work, helps to facilitate both the cognitive and emotional facets of the healing process. Support groups and gifted psychotherapists that help us to access and then process our emotions can also facilitate both the cognitive and emotional facets of the healing process.

I had an instinctive sense during my mid-twenties that I needed to breathe softly and deeply while fully immersing my awareness in the midst of the painful feelings that were surfacing in response to the many losses that I had experienced. Breathing softly and deeply while centering my awareness in the middle of the feelings or bodily sensations I was experiencing facilitated the awakening of the innate healing intelligence residing within my body and mind. The same healing intelligence that helps the body to repair itself whenever we sustain a cut, bruise or any other form of injury also facilitates the deep level processing of the emotions.

Many people are hugely resistant to the emotional dimensions of healing because of their unwillingness to fully experience their own true feeling responses to the issues concerning them and the events and circumstances playing out in their lives. The emotions that we fail to process maintain the holding patterns that perpetuate our suffering. They also prevent us from fully letting go, moving on in our lives and growing as individuals.

Caring for our physical bodies

Too many people neglect their physical health. They’re eating garbage foods, abusing alcohol and other recreational drugs. They may also be on pharmaceuticals that have a wide range of adverse side effects. Although in many instances these medications may be a necessity and the best presently known means of addressing their existing health challenges.

Much of the population is not getting anywhere near the amount of exercise their bodies need. And then they internalize all the emotions and stresses of their daily lives that they’re not processing. The residue of all these unprocessed emotions and the stresses of daily life creates a heavy stagnant residue as it accumulates within the body. The combination of these factors causes the body to break down, thereby accelerating the aging process. Our mental and emotional state will deteriorate when our physical health declines. We can only make limited progress in our healing when our bodies are in such poor health.

The kind of relationship we have with the emotional aspects of our being has a huge bearing upon our physical wellbeing. We’re much more likely crave refined sugar and other unhealthy garbage foods when we’re so numbed out by the uncomfortable and even painful emotions and other stresses we’re holding in our bodies. These toxic substances that we mistake for food help to reinforce our numbness so that we don’t have to feel. The painful emotions and other stresses that we internalize also contribute to our addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, other recreational drugs. Or we may feel the need to go on antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals to help us to numb the painful emotional states that are the result of our failure to learn to work constructively with our own emotions.

The processed foods loaded with refined sugar and chemical additives that so many of us consume are a reflection of all the internal pain, confusion and other internal toxicity within. These unhealthy foods will lose their appeal as we do the deep level emotional processing needed to progress in our healing. We will desire nutrient rich foods full of aliveness that actually nourish our bodies thereby promoting optimal health as that happens. 

We all need to be consuming the healthiest foods, getting adequate rest, staying mobile and getting lots of exercise and making use of any therapeutic modalities that enable us to better care for our bodies. Doing the deep level processing of our emotions will help us to become more fully integrated with the various aspects of our psyche. This greater integration makes it possible for us to become more fully present in our physical bodies and to the realities of our everyday lives.

The transformational

Experiences of loss and other difficult or challenging circumstances that I’ve gone through evoked a great deal of overwhelmingly painful and at times incapacitating emotion. Breathing into all of the feelings or bodily sensations helped me to diffuse and then digest these emotions.

But there was always certain point at which I would hit a wall. I found that I was in many ways still locked into the same limited or dysfunctional context that was either causing a lot of emotional pain or preventing me from being as fully functional as I needed to be.

I often found myself attracted to women that were hugely dysfunctional. Some were also incredibly abusive. My attachment to these women was in many ways like an addiction. The pain I experienced was excruciating when the relationships were not working and I wasn’t getting the love I needed.

Breathing into the painful emotions helped me to cope better while diffusing the pain. And to some extent, it helped me to let go. But that alone was not enough. I found that I was still very much locked into the holding patterns that kept me attracting and attracted to the same kinds of women. I was also very shy and inhibited during that time. And I lacked many of the crucial resources that I needed to work effectively with people in individual or group settings and to grow in a professional sense.

These deep emotional wounds finally began to heal when I started working with a number of gifted healers. The transformation I experienced was even more profound once I started going on the vision quest, a traditional Native American healing practice that involves going out to fast alone in the mountains for four days and nights without food or water. Incorporating these interventions enabled me to heal the deep emotional wounds that would not have otherwise healed. It also greatly accelerated my personal and professional growth.

The transformational realm incorporates whole dimensions of the healing process that most people in our modern-day tech infused world have very limited comprehension of. That’s why so many people have absolutely no sense of what is truly possible in terms of their own healing and the realization of their true potential.

I gradually developed the ability to look into people’s bodies and minds as a result of many years of intensive practice. I can vividly and see and feel the health-related issues and emotional wounding that people are struggling with whenever I look into their physical and subtle bodies. I go into great detail describing the issues that need to be addressed and explain how that can be done. I will often share specific examples of other people who have healed from the same kinds of issues. And some instances, I will refer the person I’m speaking with to those I have been working with who have healed from similar emotional wounding or health related issues.

I began to work as a healer in my mid-twenties after training with a Traditional Native American doctor because I truly do care about people and want to do whatever I can to facilitate their healing and continued growth. I encourage people to take whatever steps are necessary to make that happen. In some instances, I encourage them to work with me individually. And by doing so I am presenting them with what may well be one of the most powerful and effective means of effecting healing, addressing both their psychological and physiological needs. And yet on many occasions the person I’m speaking with tells me “I’ll think about it.”

Many people after thinking it over do call me and schedule an individual session. I realize that I cannot reach everyone, and yet I feel concern for those who do not respond. Nothing ever changes for the better when someone only thinks about the opportunity for healing being presented to them. And it saddens me as I see people who could have healed had they been open and receptive to trying out a new and unfamiliar approach make their way out the door. It saddens me because I know that they will most likely continue to suffer with the emotional wounding and health related issues that initially brought them to my classes in the first place.

Many of the issues that people come to class saying they’re wanting help with are very responsive to the form of healing that I facilitate. Many of these individuals could have easily healed and have gone forward to live more meaningful and productive lives. But in many instances, they don’t, because they lack the willingness and determination to do whatever it takes to facilitate the healing that needs to take place. And some for whatever reason have a neurotic attachment, deriving secondary gain from their dysfunction.

In historical times, Native Americans lived in harmony with the forces of nature. And they sought out the intervention of their traditional doctors and participated in various ceremonial healing practices.

Native Americans while living in their natural element were an incredibly strong and resilient people. Undergoing intensive practices such as the vision quest and sun dance required tremendous strength and courage. There was no backing down, running away or escaping. One went into the process with the understanding that they needed to face any forces that confronted them or emerged from their own psyche.

The transformational aspects of healing and spiritual development have for thousands of years been a normal everyday part of the lives of indigenous peoples in North, Central and South America and in various parts of Africa. They are also fairly common in other ancient traditional cultures such as those found in China, Tibet, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Many people in our modern-day world are not open to the transformational aspects of healing because they have absolutely no point of reference for this realm of experience. So much of that has to do with their own ignorance, prejudice, fear of the unknown and their own resistance to facing the issues head on and dealing with their own emotions. And many are unwilling to do something that is unfamiliar unless a friend or family member tells them how it has made a difference in their own lives and then encourages them to try it.

Continuing to suffer from the traumas I experienced in my childhood and adolescence and the subsequent losses that occurred in my adulthood was completely unacceptable. I was willing to do whatever it took to facilitate the healing of the deep emotional wounds. And I tried out any approach to healing within reason that held promise. That openness to explore and to find and keep making use of those practices and interventions that proved to be effective enabled me to heal from the kind of wounding that most people continue to live with for the remainder of their lives.

I spent a few years training with Horace Daukei, one of the last surviving traditional doctors among the Kiowa Indian tribe of Oklahoma. Horace transmitted portions of his own healing gifts to me. And since that time, I have gone through many vision quests. More of my own emotional wounding has healed with each subsequent vision quest. I experience a greater sense of cohesion as the various parts of me became more integrated. I’m continually developing new capabilities and increasing my range of motion. I will sometimes receive additional gifts of healing during these vision quests. And the forces that work through me to facilitate the healing of others become even more powerful. I have continued to go on the vision quest out of my desire to move forward with my own healing process and to fully realize my own true potential and so that I can be of greater service to others.

The most crucial part of the vision quest takes place during the fourth night. I can feel these exceptionally powerful forces entering my body. The altered states I experience during this time have a very dream like quality. There have been many instances in which I find myself reliving events from earlier parts of my life that I had no conscious recollection of. The emotions and bodily sensations that I experience during this process are especially vivid. I can feel the healing of the deep emotional wounds associated with past traumas and other wounding experiences taking place.

Traditional Native American doctors and other indigenous healers act as conduits by allowing other forces or beings to work through them to facilitate healing that would not otherwise be possible. I began to access this same kind of healing presence during my apprenticeship with my mentor Horace and during the vision quest. I work as a conduit allowing these forces to work through me to facilitate the healing of the people I’m working with in group or individual settings.

The painful emotions associated with anxiety, depression and traumatic events are diffused and then transformed in such a way that they can be digested and then used as fuel for growth. Digestive, respiratory disorders, physical injuries and a wide range of other health related issues show tremendous improvement as the emotional wounding and physical body heals. A whole new foundation is built over time as the healing process takes place. It’s very gratifying for me to watch as those I work develop the resources and capabilities needed to realize their true potential and fulfill their life’s purpose. You can see and hear examples of this transformation taking place as you watch some of the videos I’m posting on YouTube or my website.

The importance of following through with constructive action

My mentor Horace operated in the paranormal realm possessing what the Native Americans referred to as medicine. He allowed forces and beings to work through him to facilitate healing that would not have otherwise been possible. Horace is still to this date the most powerful of all the gifted healers that I have ever encountered. There are a lot of things that Horace did that I seldom share because most people in our modern-day world have no frame of reference to understand what he was capable of doing. 

Horace was also very pragmatic. He would sometimes say that the higher power helps those who help themselves. In other words, you cannot just pray, meditate, invoke powerful forces and beings or do whatever else you’re doing to heal and grow and have everything you need handed to you. You need to be taking actionable steps on a daily basis to address those issues concerning you, to better yourself as an individual and to create the life you truly want to be living.

Whenever possible, you need to be looking to the examples of people who have blazed the trails that have done what it is that you truly want to be doing. You may find some of this information in books, films or by attending trainings. I was fortunate to get to train with a traditional Native American doctor and a Master from China. That gave me the opportunity to learn directly from two individuals who had attained very high levels of mastery.

At many points along in my own journey I found myself off on my own dealing with challenges and situations unlike anything my mentors had ever dealt with. Those of us who are charting new territory may not always have readily available examples. In these instances, we have to tune into our intuition and the other internal resources that will enable us to realize our true potential and fulfill our life’s purpose.

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