Cleansing Our Body – Mind of Stagnation

Cleansing Our Body – Mind of Stagnation

Stagnation is a state of not flowing or moving. It is also an indication of a lack of activity, growth and development. When I speak of stagnation, I’m primarily referring the heavy congestive residue that accumulates within the body. Stagnation is partially comprised of physical toxins and the residue of all those unprocessed emotions that remain trapped within the body. Work related and other stresses that we internalize also add to this stagnation.

Our use of pharmaceuticals and the recreational drugs that we ingest further contribute to the stagnation that accumulates within our bodies. Electromagnetic pollution from cell phones and other modern-day technology are also a contributing factor. Stagnation is then exacerbated by our failure to get adequate rest.

Stagnation has a numbing or deadening effect. It slows our cognition down and narrows our emotional range. It causes us to feel heavy and lethargic. Stagnation also accelerates the aging process by causing the body to break down at a faster pace.

Cleansing the body of stagnation helps to awaken our senses. It relieves the organs and systems of the body from the toxic burden that impedes their ability to function. Cleansing the body of stagnation helps us to remain more youthful by enlivening our bodies and minds. It will also help us to show up more fully present to ourselves, the people with whom we interact and the world in which we live.

Lack of awareness

There are lots of homeless people living on the streets and in the subways of New York City. Many of these individuals do not bathe for indefinite periods of time. They are often seen wearing old filthy ragged clothing that is in some instances rotting on their bodies. The stench emanating from some of these individuals is so overpowering that they can clear an entire subway car. And yet they become so used to the filth and stench that they are no longer phased of it.

Most people in our modern-day world know to bathe and put on clean clothing every day. And yet they have very little, if any awareness or understanding of the stagnation that is accumulating within their own bodies. Their bodies and minds become more stagnant as they work excessively long hours and deprive themselves of sleep. The stagnation is compounded with all their television watching and smartphone use and consumption of pharmaceuticals, alcohol and other recreational drugs and garbage foods.

Many have so numbed themselves and therefore have grown accustomed to the stagnation that clouds their awareness and that leaves them feeling heavy and lethargic. They do not even recognize the source of the problem and are not doing much of anything to cleanse their bodies and minds. They just assume that it’s all a normal part of growing older.  

Making healthier food choices

The garbage foods comprised largely of processed artificial ingredients filling our supermarket shelves that so many of us are consuming on a daily basis are largely devoid of nutritional value. Beef, pork, chicken and farm raised salmon, tilapia and shrimp are loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones that wreak havoc upon our own bodies. Non-organic produce is laden with pesticides. We are invariably poisoning our own bodies when we ingest foods that contain artificial ingredients, antibiotics, growth hormones and the toxic chemicals that have been sprayed on non-organic produce to kill bugs.

Our bodies cannot in many instances process the garbage we are ingesting. The toxic residues of these manufactured substances that we mistake for food accumulate within our bodies.

Consumption of garbage foods can easily become part of an addictive cycle. Many of us actually crave these deadened and devitalized food substitutes out of habit and because we’ve developed a taste for them. We also crave them because they reinforce our states of numbing and disconnect. To the best of our ability, we all need to stop eating garbage. And we will naturally find ourselves drawn to healthier food choices as we heal our deep emotional wounds.

Foods such as organic raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and sprouts contain some of the highest nutritional content. Super foods such as spirulina, chlorella, maca root powder, cacao and acai berry are especially nutrient rich. Consuming these healthy foods will do a lot to increase our life force and cleanse our bodies of toxicity.

Body fat

I love all kinds of ethnic cuisines from around the world. And I sometimes miss those times past when I had a super-high metabolism and could consume mass quantities and then quickly burn it all off. I now have to be more careful about my food choices. Rice, wheat and those blue tortilla chips I used to eat late at night before going to bed can easily turn into body fat. The additional pounds and subsequent stagnation that were accumulating within my midsection caused me to feel a sense of heaviness and lethargy. I had to reduce the amount of food I was consuming and to start making healthier choices.

The life force does not circulate very well through all those additional pounds of flesh that we accumulate. Physical toxins and the residue of our unprocessed emotions accumulate within the abdomen and other parts of the body where we are holding additional weight. All that accumulated emotion and physical toxin creates a great deal of stagnation within our bodies.

Cleansing fasts

Cleansing fasts can help to purge our bodies of physical toxicity. They give our body’s own innate healing capabilities the opportunity to work. And they can help us to shed some of those extra pounds. Cleansing fasts also bring the emotions trapped within our bodies to the surface. We look and feel better and our life force will become more vital as we process the backlog of emotion held within and cleanse our bodies of toxicity.


Purposefully inhaling the smoke of burning tobacco leaves into our lungs makes about as much sense as sucking the exhaust coming out of an industrial smokestack or our car’s tail pipe into our lungs. Only the latter two will kill you much faster. These tobacco leaves have been laced with an array of highly addictive chemicals designed to keep those of us who smoke puffing away.

These particles of smoke that we’re inhaling accumulate in the respiratory tract, and may eventually lead to cancer of the mouth, throat and lungs. These particles of pollutant smoke pass into the bloodstream where make their way to all the organs and tissues of the body.

Smoking also robs the body of many essential nutrients. Bodies that are lacking adequate nourishment break down and age more rapidly. Bodies that are overly taxed with the self-imposed stress of smoking are also way more stagnant.

The emotions that we fail to process as I’ve said before and will say again add to our stagnation. Smoking also has a desensitizing effect in that it numbs us to our emotions. It decreases our emotional and intellectual range. It desensitizes us to the extent that we do not realize how incredibly numb we are …or how toxic we feel to someone who possesses a high level of sensitivity.


Vaping has been promoted as a safer alternative to smoking, and yet we do not know what vaporized chemicals we’re inhaling or the long-term effect of their use. These chemicals have never been tested to determine whether they are safe for inhalation.

Vaping has more recently been linked to lung illnesses that have landed hundreds of people in hospitals. Many of these individuals since have developed severe respiratory issues and there are indications of damage to the lungs. Symptoms include shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea and fever. Forty people are known to have died as a result of vaping at the time of this writing.

Alcohol and other recreational drugs

Alcohol and other recreational drugs can give us a momentary sense of relief from the hardships, burdens and other stresses of our daily lives.  And in the process of doing so, they temporarily loosen the armor that we become so bound up in. The momentary release of our inhibitions allows us to drop the façade that we spend so much of our lives building up. We’re more likely to end up saying and doing all kinds of things while inebriated that we wouldn’t do otherwise.

But that initial high that we derive from alcohol and other recreational drugs comes with a price. These alterative substances greatly impede our ability to process our life experiences and subsequent emotional responses. Failure to do the much-needed deep level processing retards our development. All those numbed out emotions and daily life stresses that are not being processed turn into a heavy congestive residue. The residue of our unprocessed emotions goes through a further stage of degeneration when we consistently self-medicate. Stagnant residue that has gone through those further stages of degeneration is considerably more difficult to clean up.

Many of the people who work with me lose their taste for alcohol and are freed of various chemical dependencies. A woman that I have been working with for some time who used to drink heavily recently told me after having a glass of wine “I don’t like this feeling of putting a paper bag over my consciousness. I now allow myself to experience every feeling I have because it’s part of my sense of being alive.”

I have in the past enjoyed the initial high that comes with a few beers or glasses of wine, smoking a joint or doing a line of coke. But I much prefer my own natural brain chemistry, authentic emotional responses and sense of connectedness to a power far greater than myself to the short term high that alcohol and other substances provide.


The pharmaceuticals that many of us are on do in many instances help to alleviate our physical pain and the other symptoms associated with various disease processes. And yet these same medications also cause a wide range of side effects.

The drugs that many of us are so dependent upon often impede the body – mind’s own innate healing intelligence. Our body – mind’s innate healing intelligence when compromised by these medications is impeded in its ability to nourish, sustain and heal itself. Our use of these medications can in many instances cause our bodies to become hugely stagnant.


Surgery is in some instances the best-known means of addressing some of the medical issues concerning us. And yet it is experienced an invasive trauma by the body. Surgery can also leave the body in a state of shock. The trauma is often encapsulated within the areas of the body that have been traumatized by the surgical procedures.

The body – mind’s own healing intelligence is often greatly compromised and therefore cannot facilitate the healing necessary for the body to get itself back on track. The life force usually doesn’t circulate very well within the part or parts of the body holding the trauma resulting from surgical wounds.

The importance of doing meaningful work

Working at a job that you dislike or hate puts you in a toxic cognitive and emotional state. You remain in this toxic state for all the hours that you’re on the job. And then you end up carrying much of this work-related stress home with you at the end of the day. Your body – mind cannot help but absorb this toxicity. And that’s why your body ends up holding on to the hate, frustration, boredom, anger and other not-so-pleasant thoughts and emotions that you are not processing.

All of this work-related stress has an incredibly deadening and constricting effect upon your consciousness. The fact that you remain in these toxic cognitive and emotional states for so many hours of the day only reinforces their density within your body. That density creates a lot of additional stagnation while choking off the flow of life force within your body.

This is why it is so critically important for you to be doing work you truly love that has personal meaning for you. Doing work that you enjoy and find fulfillment in helps to keep you in alignment with your greater sense of purpose in life. You derive much more enjoyment from living life and that puts you in a more positive cognitive and emotional space. And that increases your overall physical vitality. It also plays a big part in cleaning up your life force.

Setting healthy limits

Modern-day life has its comforts and conveniences, but it also comes with a great deal of additional stress. We often find ourselves overwhelmed with the demands of our professional lives.

I had done a number of sessions for Nakita while she was working in the financial industry. She was at that time working excessively long hours in an ofttimes toxic and highly pressurized environment. Nakita’s body was so overwhelmed by the combination of excessively long hours and other work-related stresses. She wasn’t processing her past traumatic experiences or the current work-related stresses and often felt overwhelmed emotionally. The residue of all those unprocessed stresses were accumulating within her abdomen, throat and other parts of her body.

The enormous amount of stress from the long hours at such a highly demanding and otherwise stressful job was depleting Nakita’s body of life force. The physical depletion was making it difficult for Nakita to sleep. Her body – mind was so overwhelmed that she kept coming down with colds and would then end up having to take time off from work.

Many of us are working and commuting extraordinarily long hours. And what makes it even worse is that we’re spending a great deal of the time that we’re not working on our smartphones keeping up with the latest news updates and scrolling through endless social media feeds. And many of us are still reading and responding to work related emails after hours.

We cannot possibly do the much-needed deep level processing that we need to be doing to decompress when we are on sensory overload. We cannot digest our life experiences and our subsequent cognitive and emotional responses and reconnect with the inner core of our being.

The body – mind when overwhelmed cannot help but hold on to all that toxic input that it is unable to process. The unprocessed residues of everything we fail to digest will invariably create additional stagnation within our bodies.

It’s important for all of us to take time on a daily basis to tune into our body – mind to better understand it’s needs and limitations. Despite all the pressure and demands, we need to the best of our ability to find a way to honor our body – mind’s limitations and needs. There may be times in which we find ourselves needing to work and commute exceptionally long hours. And yet we need to be cognizant of the fact that our body – mind will suffer greatly if we continue to do so indefinitely. It’s important for us to take adequate time to rest and to engage in those enjoyable activities and interactions that nourish our body – mind.


I naively fell into the bad habit of consuming way too much caffeine years ago when I first began to train in the martial arts. I would ramp myself up during those early morning training sessions that started around four or five am by drinking lots of strong Sri Lankan black tea. I loved the caffeine buzz that left me feeling as though I were flying. And I was able to power through all kinds of highly complex forms and it seemed as though I was more eloquent in my movements.

But that burst of caffeinated energy definitely came at a price. All that excess energy had to come from somewhere. I didn’t realize at the time that I was depleting the life force from my kidneys, adrenals and other vital organs. I wasn’t sleeping as well. And that left me even more dependent upon caffeine to get through the day. I also came down with four colds over the course of one winter. It wasn’t long before I realized that I had to stop caffeinating. Now I consume hardly any caffeine.  

Bodies depleted by a lot of caffeine consumption will become incredibly stagnant. The other problem with caffeine is that it pulls us up into our heads and by doing so we become more disconnected from our bodies. Caffeine simultaneously numbs us to our emotions. And all those unprocessed emotions that accumulate within our bodies add to our stagnation.

Sensory overload

Lots of older folks spend their days watching television or listening to talk radio. Many others leave their television on in the background all the time. Some people do so because they’re incredibly lonely. For others, it’s just another means of tuning out.

Television and talk radio can be incredibly numbing as it overwhelms our body – mind’s processing capacity. And it is purposefully designed to do exactly that. Lots of people have been numbing themselves for so long that they’re no longer phased by all the garbage sensory input they’re ingesting.

Our choice of addictive media is changing along with the times. Lots of people are still addicted to television and talk radio. And yet more and more of us are now plugged into our smartphones. We’re spending inordinate amounts of time …as in two, three, four and more hours a day scrolling through social media and news updates. Or we’re swiping away on Tinder and other dating sites. And many children, teens and young adults are addicted to video games.

Excessive amounts of visual and audio input flooding through our sensory channels obscures our awareness thereby preventing us from hearing our own thoughts and being aware of what we’re feeling. It also greatly impedes our body – mind’s ability to do the deep level processing of our own life experiences and subsequent cognitive and emotional responses.

It is so critically important for us to understand that our brains and other aspects of our body –mind have a limited processing capacity. We need time to just be still. And we also need time to be silent without all the unnecessary audio and visual input.

We need to be especially mindful of the amount of time that we spend watching television, listening to talk radio or being on our smartphones, texting and consuming news and social media. A digital detox will do a lot to relieve the burden we’re placing on our brains and bodies.

Eliminating the barrage of unnecessary and toxic digital input will result in a decluttering of our brains and bodies. Not only will we think more clearly. Our emotional and overall sensory range will also expand. The quality of the life force in our bodies will greatly improve. We will also find ourselves becoming more present to ourselves, other people and the world in which we live.

The need for natural lighting

I always find it incredibly strange when people have artificial lighting on during the daytime hours when they could easily be enjoying the natural light that is making its way through the windows. Artificial lighting can be harmful to the body. And florescent lighting is considerably more so.

Artificial lighting contributes to eye strain and can disrupt sleep schedules. It can also increase our risk of obesity, depression, diabetes, breast cancer and other health related issues.

Yes, we do need to be mindful of the fact that excessive sun exposure can result in an increased the risk of skin cancer. We can, however, reduce our risk of developing skin cancer by getting adequate nutrition. Omega-3 fatty acids, polyphenols found in green or black tea, zinc, selenium, vitamins C, D, E and A, retinol, and any of a class of mainly yellow, orange or red fat-soluble pigments known as carotenoids, including beta cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, lycopene and lutein can help to protect against skin cancer.   

Natural lighting boosts vitamin D, which is absorbed through the skin. Natural lighting helps to alleviate seasonal depression by improving our mood and sense of wellbeing. It also helps to improve the quality of our sleep.

Connecting with the Earth

The parts of the Earth that have yet to be urbanized, industrialized, mined or polluted with toxic waste generally possess an abundance of healthy life force. The mountains and oceans are especially abundant. The trees, flowers and other vegetation are also full of nourishing life force.

Make a concerted effort to get outside and spend as much time as you can in natural settings. Spending time in nature will give you the opportunity to absorb the Earth’s nourishment. Working with practices such as chi gong will enable you to draw the life force of the Earth directly into your body. This nourishing life force when absorbed will provide a valuable source of sustenance.


Washing your body and the clothing you wear helps to clear stagnant energies. You also look, feel and smell much better when you’re clean.

Having a clean, comfortable and quiet living space is a critically important part of keeping your own life force healthy. Cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery helps to clear your home of stagnation. Carpet looks horrible as it ages and has a tendency to hold onto stagnant energies. Conversely, hardwood floors are much easier to clean and clear of stagnant energies. Opening the doors and windows to allow fresh air into your home or workspace also helps to clear stagnation.

According to Feng Shui, clutter can also be a huge contributing factor to the heavy stagnant energies that accumulate in our homes. It can also have a negative impact upon our cognitive and emotional states as well as our overall outlook on life. Clear unnecessary clutter from your living space by giving away or tossing out what you don’t want or need. 

Stuck on a crowded airplane

I don’t want to insult or hurt anyone’s feelings and yet I often get up and move when I’m on the subway if someone who holds a great deal of stagnation in their body sits down next to me. Being very empathic, I cannot help but feel the stagnation that other people are holding within their bodies. The discomfort I feel in my own body compels me to get up and move.

My actions may occasionally offend some people but stop and think for a moment. Would you remain in your seat if some horrible smelling person who hadn’t bathed in months sat down next to you? Of course not. You would get up and move.

What I hate most is being trapped on crowded airplanes, and even more so now that the airlines are making a concerted effort to fill every available seat. The airlines used to provide us with considerably more legroom. They have now positioned the rows of seats about eight inches closer together. And then we’re left with considerably less space if some idiot sitting in front of us feels entitled to lean their seat back. The airlines have also made the seats smaller. These changes are producing lots of additional revenue for airlines and yet they are only adding to the stress that many of us are experiencing while flying.

Having room to breathe is critically important. So I do what I can to fly on days and at times when there tend to be less people on the planes. But I don’t always have that good fortune. I will sometimes purposefully sit in the seat in front, behind or across the isle of my assigned seat if I see an opportunity to sit next to someone who feels cleaner and healthier. And then when the person originally assigned to that seat comes along, I’ll play dumb and say something like “Since I’m already settled in here, can you just take the seat I was assigned to. I have also asked people to trade seats with me on numerous occasions. For me, it’s a matter of self-preservation.

Reduce and whenever possible eliminate electromagnetic pollution

Many of us are living our lives immersed in a sea of electronic pollution. This pollution comes from the transmissions of cellphone towers and our own cellphones, the EMF’s being emitted from our computers and tablets, Wi-Fi routers, giant flat screen televisions and other technology. Electromagnetic pollution contributes to the stagnation in our bodies.

Reduce and if at all possible, eliminate your exposure to electromagnetic pollution. Carry your cell phone in your purse or backpack rather than against your body. Turn off the wireless router and connect your computer directly to the modem via an ethernet cable.

Toxic relationships

Toxic relationships will invariably wear you down. And you can easily find yourself trapped in a downward spiral when you’re in a relationship with a narcissist or someone with borderline tendencies. Crazy-making and abusive partners leave you feeling tormented. Other people cannot necessarily see the bruises, and yet you look and feel as though you’ve been beaten up.  

The hurt, sadness, grief, anxiety and feelings of loss generated by toxic partners creates lots of stagnation as they accumulate within your body. And all that abusive behavior you’re being subjected to combined with the anguished, grief-stricken and tortured emotional states you’re experiencing ends up doing enormous damage to the physical and to the subtle bodies consisting of the chakras and layers of the aura.

Being with the wrong partner and even more so if they are abusive has an incredibly numbing or deadening effect upon your consciousness. And the longer you stay in such a toxic relationship, the more damage you’re doing to yourself.

The emotions that you’ve avoided or suppressed and that you haven’t been able to process that are being held within your body keep you locked in a holding pattern. And that can make it extraordinarily difficult for you to let go. Letting go will come more easily as you’re able to do the deep level processing of your own emotional responses.

It is far better to be alone than to be in a toxic relationship. Being with someone with whom you truly resonate …a partner who is authentic, appreciative, caring, considerate and easy going who truly loves you will nourish and sustain you.

Stagnant in thought and action

Many people are hugely stagnant in their thoughts and actions. This stagnation is quite evident in ourselves and others as we age and become set in our ways. Being inflexible in our thinking and viewing life in all its complexity in black and white terms causes us to stagnate.

Authoritarian regimes such as those that governed Eastern Europe that basically imprisoned their population for decades were hugely stagnant. Old rigid cultural norms and fundamentalist religions that have and continue to restrict the natural expression of one’s humanity also contribute to our individual and collective stagnation.

Keeping ourselves open to different perspectives and ways of doing things helps us to learn and grow as individuals. Following our intuition and living our lives in accordance with our passions and greater sense of purpose will enable us to remain fresh and relevant.  

Sleep deprivation

Innumerable studies have been done on the harmful effects of sleep deprivation. Our endocrine, digestive and other system’s ability to function are to varying degrees impaired when we fail to get enough sleep. The weakening of our immune response makes us more susceptible to cold and flu. Sleep deprivation also increases the likelihood of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

It’s much harder for our brains to retain new information when we’re sleep deprived. And that makes it difficult for us to concentrate and learn new things. The added difficulty in processing our emotions causes us to feel irritable and to overreact. Our reaction time also slows down, therefore we tend not to make as good of decisions. It also makes us more prone to accidents.

Our body has a harder time cleansing itself of physical toxins when it becomes depleted. It is also greatly impaired in its ability to do the deep level processing of our life experiences and our subsequent cognitive and emotional responses. These accumulated physical toxins and the residue of our unprocessed emotional responses create a great deal of additional stagnation within our bodies.

We naturally look and feel better when we’re getting adequate sleep. The organs and systems of the body function better. Sleep helps to cleanse the brain of the harmful toxic waste products that build up during our waking hours. Other organs of the body are also better equipped to cleanse themselves of toxicity. Getting adequate sleep will reduce our risk of colds, flu and more serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease. It also helps us to maintain a healthy weight.

We think more clearly when we’re getting adequate rest. And that means we’re able to make better decisions. Being well rested helps to facilitate the much-needed processing that enables us to cope more effectively with our emotional responses to the many challenges of everyday life. The reduction of stress means that we’re also more likely be in a better mood. And that’s going help us to get along with people better.

Youthful resilience

The bodies of children, adolescents and young adults contain an abundance of life force and are naturally more resilient. We’re naturally drawn to the youthful exuberance and glow of younger people. Those who have suffered extensive trauma or that smoke, drink or abuse other substances can lose much of that resilience and become very stagnant.

We lose much of the resilience that we enjoyed in our younger years as we grow older. Our aging bodies accumulate more stagnation and therefore require greater care. Making healthy choices, getting adequate rest and exercise, doing meditative practices and therapeutic interventions can help us to clear stagnation from our bodies and to cultivate an abundance of healthy life force. They can also help us to maintain a more youthful quality.

Get your body moving

Exercise elevates our mood by stimulating the productions of endorphins. And that can help to alleviate anxiety and depression. Exercise enhances our ability to learn and remember by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. Exercise also helps us to relax our bodies. And as we become more relaxed, the quality of our sleep will improve.

Exercise can increase our body’s production of antioxidants, which helps to protect cells. It strengthens our bones, muscles and joints and may also prevent osteoporosis. Exercise reduces our risk of diabetes and heart disease. It also keeps us slim(er) by increasing our metabolism.

Sedentary bodies accumulate a lot more stagnation. Exercise helps to keep us more vibrant by cleansing our bodies of the toxicity that creates stagnation.


Sex is also a form of exercise, and yet it has numerous other benefits. Sex helps us to relax by reducing the stress hormone cortisol. It simultaneously floods our brains with neurochemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin that produce pleasurable feelings, and that creates a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Sex boosts our immunity while lowering blood pressure and reducing our risk of heart attack. Passion, desire and the act of being physically intimate with another person also increase our life force by making our bodies become more alive.

We can easily absorb or take on the negative mindset, emotions, illness, addictive tendencies and other toxicity of those individuals with whom we become physically intimate. And that’s why it is so critically important for us to be especially selective when it comes to choosing intimate partners.

Intensive daily practice

It was fairly common for people in China, India and other parts of Asia to be doing yoga, tai chi and other body — mind disciplines. They may have also spent a great deal of time working with internal practices such as chi gong and pranayama to cultivate health and to further develop their bodies and minds.

Most people in our modern-day world are not doing any form of intensive daily practice. The body will become hugely stagnant if we’re not doing some kind of intensive daily practice that activates the body – mind’s own innate healing intelligence.

Having a daily practice of chi gong, pranayama, yoga, tai chi and other martial arts helps to clear our bodies of stagnant chi. These disciplines also activate our body – mind’s innate healing intelligence. Intensive daily practice not only clears stagnation. It also increases the amount of vital life force within our bodies.

Learning to work constructively with our emotions

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a person’s anger or other emotions without them having to say a word? Those of us who have not completely numbed ourselves out cannot help but pick up on other people’s anger, fear and other emotions.

Emotions have substance to them. They also have a fluid quality when we allow ourselves to experience and express them. Our emotions take on a heavy and dense quality when we attempt to suppress or disconnect from them. Stagnant emotional content that we fail to digest then remains trapped within our bodies indefinitely.

So many of us learned from the time we came into this world to disconnect from our feelings, physical bodies and the realities of our daily lives that we rather not be dealing with. Consequently, most of us have never learned to work constructively with our own emotions.

Our life experiences and our subsequent cognitive and emotional responses need to go through a process in which they are digested. The following steps will help to facilitate this digestive process:

Allow all of the body’s feelings and sensations to flow. The practice of breathing with your awareness focused on any of the body’s feelings or physical sensations will awakens the innate healing intelligence residing within the body and mind. This innate healing intelligence will help to clear the body and mind of stagnation.

Clearing stagnation from the abdomen

Stagnation has a tendency to accumulate within the abdomen. Breathing softly and deeply while centering your awareness within the abdomen or any other part of the body that is holding onto a lot of stagnation will awaken the innate healing intelligence residing within. This innate healing intelligence will work to clear stagnation from these parts of the body.

Many of us have learned to disconnect from and therefore do not fully inhabit the abdominal region of our own bodies. And if we haven’t learned to work constructively with our own emotional responses, we are very likely holding a great deal of anger, hurt, resentment, upset and other unprocessed emotions and stresses within the abdomen. These stressful emotions are a primary contributing factor to colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders. These digestive issues are often further exacerbated when we become dissociated from this part of our bodies.

You may initially feel a sense of heaviness, congestion, tension or bloating as you begin to focus your attention within the abdomen. And you may also feel nauseous as the physical toxins held within the visceral organs begin to release. These discomforts will gradually subside as you continue to work with this practice.

You may experience sensations of rumbling, churning, burning, pulsing and tingling as you continue to breathe softly and deeply while focusing your attention on the physical sensations within the abdomen. With continued practice, your digestion will improve. You will also experience a greater sense of aliveness within the intestines. Your intuitive senses will grow stronger and your overall sensory range will expand. You will also feel more firmly rooted in your body along with a greater sense of connection to the Earth.

Body therapies

Deep tissue massage, acupuncture, shiatzu and other body therapies have all kinds of benefits. They awaken the body – mind’s innate healing intelligence. They help to reduce stress and relax the body. Body therapies can lower blood pressure, ease aching muscles, improve circulation and strengthen the body’s immune system. They also help to clear the body – mind of stagnation.  

Vision Quest

My mentor Horace, one of the last surviving traditional doctors among the Kiowa Tribe, transmitted portions of his own healing gifts to me. He then had me go on the vision quest to earn the right to work with these gifts of healing. The vision quest is a traditional Native American healing practice that involves going out to fast alone in the mountains for four days and nights without food or water.

Native Americans have for centuries gone to sacred spaces that have served as windows between the worlds for the vision quest. I can feel exceptionally powerful forces working with me at various times during the four days and nights that I’m on the mountain. I can at times feel myself digesting past traumatic experiences and the many challenges that I face in my present-day life along with any subsequent cognitive and emotional responses. I can feel this same healing presence building an entirely new foundation. I come out the other side of the vision quest having developed new resources and capabilities and feeling a greater sense of lightness and resilience.  

Individual healing sessions

The vision quest is one of the most powerful means of clearing stagnation from the body and yet it is way too intense for most people. And yet it is something that many could work up to if they are willing to go through the necessary preparation.

The traditional native doctors act as conduits to allow these same powerful forces to work through them to facilitate the healing of the bodies and minds of their patients. I too act as a conduit to allow a very powerful healing presence to work through me. This presence cleanses the body of physical toxins.

Feelings such as sadness, resentment and a sense of uneasiness will at times surface as the body — mind goes through its cleansing process. Some people may find these feelings unsettling. It’s important to understand that these feelings would not be surfacing if they were not already being held within the body. These authentic emotional responses that have been held within the body are transmuted during the healing process. They need to go through this processing so that they can be digested and then integrated as a functional aspect of the self.

Is this all making sense to you?

Thank you for reading this far. Are you having difficulty grasping what I’m talking about?

Your sensitivity, sensory capacity and overall awareness of yourself, other people and the world around you will become much more highly developed as you reduce or eliminate caffeine, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and garbage foods. Rather than avoiding, distracting yourself from or suppressing your emotions, you need to be making a concerted effort to face the issues concerning you head on and to fully experience your own authentic feeling responses. These steps alone will do a lot to help you to cleanse your body of toxicity.

Letting go of unhealthy habits is for many much easier said than done. And yet you will naturally make healthier choices over time as you take the steps to heal.

If you want to greatly amplify your own cleansing-healing process, then do lots of intensive practices such as chi gong or pranayama. Work with the intensive meditation practices such as those I teach that facilitate the deep level processing of your emotions. Work with gifted healers or even go through intensive practices such as the vision quest. Then you too will develop a much greater awareness, along with a physical and emotional resilience and vitality. Developing these resources will enable you to better care for your own body and mind. It will improve your overall health and quality of life and will very likely increase your life span.

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