Healing Parental Wounds

  British pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott introduced the concept of "the good enough parent." In most instances, our parents were doing the best they could in raising us, given their circumstances, knowledge and resources. They were motivated by love and a desire to provide for us to the best of their ability. While it might be comforting to believe [...]

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Four-Legged Therapy

In the modern era, it's evident that many of us are experiencing increasing levels of isolation and loneliness. Technological advancements, while facilitating communication, have paradoxically also contributed to a profound sense of disconnection. We find ourselves spending more time interacting with screens than with each other, creating a sense of social isolation. This reality has been exacerbated by the Covid [...]

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Cultivating Resilience: Harnessing The Transformative Power of Your Emotions

Being able to work constructively with our emotions is an essential aspect of maintaining a sense of well-being, given that they significantly impact our mental, physical, and spiritual health. The challenge lies in the fact that most people do not possess the understanding or resources that would enable them to effectively manage their emotions. Our lack of emotional intelligence often [...]

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Taking Time to Really Get to Know Someone Before Becoming Physically Intimate

The film “Cold Feet” starring Tom Waits, Sally Kirkland and Keith Carradine revolves around the scheme of two petty criminals attempting to smuggle emeralds from Mexico into the United States. At some point in the film, the character played by actress Sally Kirkland managed to catch the attention of the businessman sitting next to her on the return flight from [...]

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Murphy Goes the Extra Mile

Hi Murphy, I’m happy that you’ve been and always will be in some way a part of my life. I had hoped that we could keep you around much longer and that I would never have to write these words. I’m missing you so much. Mom and her husband Cliff had schnauzer named Prince for about four years. Mom was [...]

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