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Quieting the Mind – Stilling the Body

https://youtu.be/DWexZsWozrI   This article is really about digesting our lived experiences, emotional responses, and reconnecting to our authentic core, but that's kind of long for a title. The vast majority of people have never learned to work effectively with their emotions. As a result, they’re not thoroughly processing their lived experiences or their subsequent cognitive and emotional responses. Most people do not engage in [...]

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Dissolving That Huge Rock in Your Abdomen

Accumulating weight in the midsection is a common concern for many. Along with this, numerous individuals experience digestive distress and even report a hardened mass in their abdomen. In this article, we'll explore the many contributing factors and offer workable solutions to foster a happier and healthier body and mind. Potential Risks of Visceral Fat Although a sedentary lifestyle [...]

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