About “Emergence”

Ben Oofana took off on his own at the age of seventeen to live among the native tribes of the American Southwest. Ben made it as far as Oklahoma where he landed among the Kiowa Indian tribe. Ben went on to apprentice with Horace Daukei, the last surviving traditional doctor or medicine man among the tribe. Ben apprenticed with Horace for three years and since that time he has continued to go alone into the mountains to do the vision quest. Feelings and memories of Ben’s traumatic past began to surface during his mid twenties. It was during that time that Ben began to develop a series of practices that enabled him to awaken the innate healing power that resides within his own body and mind. These practices helped Ben to diffuse the painful feelings associated with anxiety and depression. Ben went on to develop other versions of these practices that help to alleviate the symptoms of digestive and respiratory disorders and a wide range of other health issues. Since that time, Ben has been teaching these practices to everyone that he works with. The practices that Ben shares throughout this book will help you to work through difficult issues and emotions and to heal your own body and mind. You will learn to use everything that happens in your life as part of your process of healing and spiritual growth. You will gain a clearer sense of direction in life. Working with these practices will also help you to will develop the resources that will enable you to fulfill your own life’s purpose. Ben has also trained for years in the Internal Martial Arts with Shifu Li Tai Liang. He has spent a great deal of time in India and Sri Lanka and has been studying numerous traditional systems of healing and spiritual development. You will learn how these ancient systems can greatly accelerate your process of personal and spiritual development.

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