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Healing the Loss of a Love – Attracting a Healthy and Loving Relationship

With this workshop you can…

  • Heal the emotional wounds of past relationships
  • Transform deep seated patterns of abandonment and rejection
  • Let go of unhealthy dysfunctional relationships
  • Develop the ability to remain centered in the core of your being
  • Become truly loving and accepting of yourself
  • Develop a warm magnetic presence that will draw others to you
  • Cultivate inner beauty
  • Increase your capacity to give and receive love
  • Attract a healthy and loving partner
  • Create healthier and more fulfilling relationships
  • Develop a stronger connection with the higher power
  • Learn to evolve spiritually through your relationships

Note: This class may be recorded. Call for details.

Call Ben at (332) 333-5155 to reserve a seat or if you need more information.

Boston area
Unity Church of Somerville,
6 William Street, Somerville, MA
Located at the corner of William St. and College Ave.
(close to Davis Square T stop on the Red Line)
Alternate Tuesdays
7:30 to 9:30 pm
Please call (332) 333-5155 for specific dates.
$20 per session
New York area
Quest Bookshop
240 East 53rd St
New York, NY 10022
Alternate Mondays
7 to 9 pm
Please call (332) 333-5155 for specific dates.
$20 per session

Save money and schedule a group meditation class.

If you an four or more friends commit to at least 3 in-person meditation sessions, the cost of your sessions are discounted. Call Ben to schedule classes in advance.
Two weeks notice preferred.