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Feng Shui (pronounced “fung schway”) is a powerful, effective method of changing your environment to improve your life. Used in the Orient for thousands of years, Feng Shui is now being discovered by thousands of Americans and other Westerners.

The term “Feng Shui” means “wind-water” and refers to balancing Chi, the earthly and heavenly (atmospheric) energies in our inner and outer environments.

Traditional Feng Shui uses two main methods: The Forms Method and the Compass Method. The Forms Method reads the patterns of the landscape to ascertain the best areas to place homes and businesses. The Compass Method emphasizes the cardinal directions of the Earth (South, North, East, West). Compass Method practitioners use a compass (lo-pan) to determine the best orientations of the front door, bed, stove and others.

To experience Feng Shui in your own home, office and life, you may want a Feng Shui consultation. Consultations are available nationwide and internationally.

  • Understand your home as never before. Learn how it has been affecting your life and destiny since the day you moved in!
  • Learn the Ba-Gua (energy layout) for your home or office
  • Learn the solutions which will be the most effective to implement now
  • Receive suggestions tailored specifically your unique life and environment
  • Learn your best bed location, how to empower your stove for health and wealth, importance of the front door for protection, income and much more
  • Receive special techniques not taught in books or classes
  • Increase your wealth, improve marriage or relationship, health and much more

Consultations with Jennifer Frank are 2+ hours and include:

  • A thorough tour of the home, office or property.
  • Discussion of the history of the home and your life experience in living there. Clarifying your objectives.
  • Learning the Ba-Gua of your home to identify the key areas you would like to change or improve.
  • Specific cures that will best suit your needs.

Linda Clave, Astrologer

Phone: 617.470.9200

Linda Clave  is a gifted astrologer who is available for private sessions. She is also an amazing painter.

Linda lives in Boston, MA.