It was in my mid-twenties that I found myself reenacting the traumas of my childhood and adolescence in my intimate relationships. Instinctively, I began to breathe softly and deeply while fully immersing my awareness in the depth of all those painful emotions. That began to facilitate the healing of the deep emotional wounds.

Over time, I developed a whole series of intensive meditation practices that awaken the body and mind's innate healing intelligence. These practices developed out of necessity to address my own needs and those of the many people I've worked with over the years.

Our bodies and minds hold onto traumas and other deeply wounding or stressful experiences and the emotions that we're not able to process. Our life experiences and our subsequent cognitive and emotional responses need to go through a process in which they are thoroughly digested.

When it comes to our emotional wounding, you have to be able to feel it in order to heal it. I'll be teaching you an extraordinarily powerful means of working constructively with your emotions. Working with these meditations will enable you to heal trauma and “digest” your emotional responses and the stresses of everyday live, transforming them so that they become fuel for your continued growth.

I've developed specific meditations that will enable you to heal patterns of abandonment and unrequited love and the devastation of a painful breakup or divorce so that you can finally let go and move on. Another meditation will enable you to open your heart. Both of these meditations will increase your capacity to love and be loved.

I have also developed a meditation that will help you to dissolve the layers of chronic muscular tension held within the body. Other meditations facilitate healing within the heart, lungs, intestines and other internal organs by engaging your body and mind's innate healing intelligence.

These meditations when done consistently help you to become more grounded in your body so that you can show up more fully present in your interactions with other people. Working with these meditations also engages your mind's creative problem-solving capabilities, so you can come up with workable solutions to life’s many challenges. These practices also deepen your intuition and instinctual knowing. As that happens, you will gain tremendous clarity, insight and understanding.

I teach and have people do these meditations in my classes and during the in-person individual healing sessions. I also teach these meditations over the phone. The phone sessions run for about two hours.

I always encourage people to combine the most effective practices and therapeutic interventions. This series of practical life-changing meditation practices will greatly increase the effectiveness of any therapeutic interventions you work with. The practical meditations I'll be teaching you are an incredibly important resource that you will carry with you through life.

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There are many different forms of meditation. The forms of meditation practice that I’ve developed and teach all have practical application in that they will help you to become more resourceful and develop greater resilience. And that will better enable you to cope with the challenges you’re facing everyday life. You will learn to use whatever happens over the course of your life as fuel for growth.

All versions of the meditation practices I’m teaching will enable you to develop a healthier relationship with yourself. And as a result, you will develop a healthier relationship with other people and the world around you.

Meditation to Awaken the Healing Power within Your Body and Mind

The innate healing intelligence residing within heals the body any time we get a cut or bruise. This same healing intelligence can also help to facilitate the healing of a wide range of health related issues when we learn how to consciously utilize it.

People I’ve taught these practices to that suffered from asthma and other respiratory disorders tell me that it helped to ease the constriction in their lungs so they could breathe more easily. Others who suffered from acid reflux, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders say that it helps to alleviate their symptoms by facilitating the healing of the digestive tract. Working with this practice can accelerate the healing of injuries such as those sustained in automobile accidents. It also accelerates the body’s healing process after surgery.

Consistent practice will help to improve the functions of the various internal organs and the body as a whole. This practice becomes far more powerful when combined with deep tissue bodywork, working directly with gifted healers such as myself and other effective healing modalities.

Meditation for Healing the Loss of a Love

Most people never fully heal from the loss of a love. The intensity of our emotions will diminish in time and yet that doesn’t necessarily mean that the emotional wounds have healed. The feelings of sadness, grief, hurt and loss often remain trapped within our bodies.

Working with this practice will facilitate the healing of the painful emotions that we experience in response to the loss of a love. By learning to “digest” these emotions you will be transforming them in such a way that they become fuel for growth.

The healing that comes about as a result of working with this practice will make it easier for you to let go and move on. It will also help you to disentangle yourself from unhealthy relationships that you are currently in. You will also gain greater insight into yourself, present and former partner(s) and the patterns playing out in your relationships.

Sensation as a Doorway into the Mind Meditation

Our bodies hold on to the emotions and stresses of daily life that we fail to process. These accumulated stresses overwhelm us, thereby reducing our capacity to cope effectively. They also cause us to feel heavy and lethargic while clouding our vision and diminishing our enthusiasm for life.

Using sensation as a doorway into the mind is especially valuable for those who find it difficult to access their emotions. You will learn to use the sensations found throughout the body as a doorway into your mind. With consistent practice your emotions will become more accessible. And you will gain access to the emotions trapped within the various parts of your body. Your awareness of yourself, other people and your surroundings will increase as your sensory range opens up. Working with this practice will also help you to become more fully present.

Instinctual Mind Meditation

Much of the populace is not all that present within their bodies below the diaphragm. They become dissociated from the abdominal region and many hold a great deal of stagnation and distressing emotion within this part of their body. Many people suffer from various digestive issues as a result. The lack of grounding in the abdominal region makes it difficult for them to ever bring their ideas to fruition or fulfill their vision or life purpose.

Working with the Instinctual Mind practice opens a whole additional bandwidth of consciousness. It is one of the most powerful meditation practices for becoming more grounded within the physical body. Doing the Instinctual mind practice builds a stronger connection between your conscious and subconscious mind. Your sense of purpose and direction will grow stronger. And you will get a bodily feeling or sense of what you need to be doing in your life.

Another benefit of this meditative practice is that it helps you to develop an instinctual sense of the people that you encounter and interact with. Rather than just taking people at face value, you able to get a sense of where they’re coming from and feel their intentions. Working with the Instinctual Mind practice is especially effective for healing digestive issues.
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Meditation for Developing an Attractive Presence

People who are naturally attractive are those who are more fully present within their bodies. The problem many of us have is that we tend to live in our heads. And what makes it even worse is that we feel anxious and insecure in the presence of someone that we find ourselves attracted to.

The meditation to develop an attractive presence helps you to diffuse feelings of social anxiety. Social interaction comes more easily as you become more comfortable with yourself and feel more relaxed within your own body.

Connecting with your own feelings and physical body while in the midst of a conversation will enable you to experience greater lucidity while accessing deeper level of awareness. The resulting transference of your own positive emotional state will deepen and thereby improve the quality of your interaction. Your relationships with others will take on a greater richness, becoming more substantive. Focusing on your feelings of attraction and desire will in some instances create an attractive force by eliciting those same feelings in others.

Meditation to Better Manage Your Emotions and the Handle the Challenges of Everyday Life

Most of us were taught to deny and disconnect from our feelings since the time we came into this world. The unfortunate consequence of not having learned to deal with our emotions is that many of us feel overwhelmed by them and the challenges of our everyday lives. Many of us end up shutting down emotionally and that diminishes our awareness of ourselves, other people and the world in which we live, while impairing our ability to function.

This meditation practice will enable you to diffuse and then digest painful and overwhelming emotions making them more manageable. You will learn to dissipate highly charged emotions by going directly into them. You will develop the ability to hold it together in times of crisis or when faced with challenging circumstances by allowing the emotions to pass through you. You will also learn to access and stay connected to the authentic core that resides within you whenever you’re in the midst of adversity.

Learning to work constructively with your emotions will make it that much easier for you to bring the issues concerning you to resolution. This practical meditation will enable you to access your creativity to gain greater insight to find workable solutions to the challenges and problems you’re facing in your everyday life.

This powerfully effective self-nurturing practice will also help you to diffuse and then digest the emotions associated with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Meditation to Open Your Heart

The heart holds onto much of the hurt, sadness, disappointments and setbacks that we are not able to process. The resulting contraction or deadening of the heart greatly diminishes our capacity to love and be loved by others.

Working with this meditation engages the healing intelligence residing within your body to heal the hurt, sadness, disappointments, losses and other suffering that have wounded your heart. A warm, caring and radiant presence will begin to emanate from you as your heart opens. You will become more compassionate and empathetic while greatly increasing your capacity to give and receive love. Opening your heart will enable you to become more present and engaging in all areas of your life.
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Stillness Meditation

The pressures and demands of everyday life can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Maters are only made worse by the sensory overload that many of us experience as a result of the never ending media bombardment. Many of us are now finding it incredibly difficult to be still or quiet our minds.

Working with the stillness meditation will enable you to find a quiet place of refuge within your own body when the world around you feels too noisy, confusing, chaotic or threatening. Stress, tension, stagnant emotions and the concerns of your everyday life held in the body begin to work their way to the surface where they can be dissolved and then digested.

Working with this meditation creates an inner sense of stillness and spaciousness. One can sometimes go into such a profoundly deep state while doing this practice. It can feel as though the molecules that we’re comprised of are spreading apart and that the entire body is oscillating.

Meditation for Dissolving the Layers of Body Armor

Body armor develops when the emotions we fail to process and other stresses of our daily lives cause the musculature in various parts of our bodies to become tense, rigid and to harden. This armoring greatly restricts our range of bodily motion. It can also cause us a great deal of discomfort in the form of sore neck and shoulders, aching back and headaches.

The meditation for dissolving body armor is a targeted practice that will enable you to soften and dissolve areas of chronic tension in your neck, shoulders, back, abdomen and other parts of your body. Working with this practice will enable you to become more consciously aware of and to process the underlying emotional conflicts and other stresses that cause these parts of your body to tense up. Working consistently with this practice will enable you to develop a stronger mind-body connection and to maintain a deeper state of relaxation.

Meditation practices that can be modified to meet your own individual needs

These are some of the many forms of meditation that I have developed and teach. I am able to modify these practices so that they better address your own unique individual needs and concerns when necessary.

Grounding meditation practices that have practical applications in your everyday life

Some forms of meditation practice can be very ungrounding. The meditation practices that I’ve developed and teach have a very grounding effect in that they enable you to become more firmly rooted in your body and address the challenges of everyday life so that you become more highly functional in all areas of your life.

Developing a stronger connection to the authentic core that resides within and the higher power

I am not religious and yet I do feel that there is a greater power or force of creation and that we all have a unique connection to this presence. In addition, we all possess an authentic core that resides deep within. The problem for many of us is that we tend to lose touch with or feel cut off from our inner being and the higher power. Many people that I’ve taught these meditations to tell me that they are able to feel a calming, nurturing and healing presence emanating from within as a result of working with these practices.

You will feel supported in times of need as you developing a stronger connection to this healing presence that emanates from within. And you will find the strength and resources to do whatever it is you need to do in life.

Transforming one’s self is an ongoing process that takes time. It also involves a commitment to doing your practice on a daily basis. The more you work with these practices, the more you will be able to bring the meditative state into your everyday life. Making a disciplined effort will pay off substantially.

The meditation sessions by phone or WhatsApp are ninety minutes in length. I’m also available to offer feedback or answer any questions you have between meditation sessions.

The cost for a 2-hour session is $100.

I’m making the phone or WhatsApp sessions available for those who do not have the opportunity to work with me in person. I highly recommend that you work with me in person if you live in or around New York City, Boston or any other part of the United States and the world that I travel to on occasion.

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