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Awaken the Healing Power Within Your Body and Mind
Healing the Loss of a Love-
Attracting a Healthy and Loving Relationship

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July 30, 2020
8:31pm TZ

  • Learn a series of powerful meditation practices that awaken the innate healing intelligence residing within your body and mind
  • Transform the challenges of daily life in such a way that they become fuel for your continued growth.
  • Connect with your intuition and deeper instinctual knowing
  • Heal your physical body and the deep emotional wounds

  • Heal the devastation of a painful breakup or divorce.
  • Heal the patterns of abandonment, rejection and unrequited love.
  • Heal and let go of your attachments to unhealthy partners and relationships.
  • Attract healthier companions and create more fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

Ben Oofana

a gifted healer who initially began his training with Horace Daukei, one of the last surviving traditional doctors among the Kiowa Indian Tribe.

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